4742 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY 40218 (502) 491-7412

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There’s a long history of westerners obsessed and intoxicated by the spices of Asia. In the ancient world, empires rose due to the craving for cardamom and coriander, cinnamon and cloves.

These days, we take for granted the spices that stock our grocery stores, but they pale next to the exhilarating power of freshly ground spices to whet our appetites and lift our spirits.....Click here for more!

lou Spice to savor DakShin
Indian Restaurant rewards adventurous palates
.... Click here for more!
DakShin Indian A taste of a different South
Step into DakShin’s spacious, almost cavernous quarters, blink until your eyes adjust to the dim, and you might think you’ve found your way into an oddly named barbecue joint. Square, rough-hewn log walls frame heavy booths of oak; atop a wall at the back, looming above a large-screen television, rests the biggest canoe you have ever seen...Click here for more!






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4742 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY 40218 (502) 491-7412
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